2022 Podcast Outlook

2021 was an amazing year for the world of podcasting! In 2021, podcast listeners increased by almost 5% in the United States alone. What does 2022 hold for the podcast landscape?

The team at GrodMedia breaks down the most likely scenarios set to transform the podcast landscape in the year ahead.

1. Podcast marketing will increase

With podcast listeners set to increase again in 2022, even a higher percentage of the population will be tuning into podcasts and tuning out of more traditional forms of media. Advertisers and companies will continue to follow suit. We predict a huge influx in companies choosing to advertise on podcasts for the first time in 2022. For those companies already advertising on podcasts, we expect a large increase in the capital they devote to the burgeoning field.

2. Podcasts will lean into their niche

The podcast industry is still relatively new, especially compared to almost every other form of media. That being said, there are new podcasts that pop up almost every day. One proven way to stand out amongst the masses and to grow one’s audience is to go niche. 

This requires a podcast to have a clear understanding of their show’s brand and an insight into what their audience wants.

3. Branded podcasts will rise

2021 proved to the world that podcasts are a powerful medium for brands to build unique relationships with their listeners. Unlike more traditional forms of media, branded podcasts are a double-edged sword. What do we mean by that? Well, unlike a traditional commercial or ad that hits you over the head with its messaging, a branded podcast has the ability to be entertaining and thought-provoking, all while subtly conveying the brand’s message. 

Podcasts are also relatively inexpensive compared to other more traditional forms of advertisement, which allows the brands to create multiple shows that can fill those niches (which we talked about earlier) and provide alternate avenues for a brand to connect with different subgroups that might traditionally be overlooked. 

4. There will be more podcast analytics and data

We predict that in 2022, podcasters and marketers will have access to more information to help them analyze, predict, and adapt their podcasts to meet the demands of their audience. Older forms of media such as blogs and Youtube videos currently have a more robust system to track data across all platforms. We think 2022 is the year that podcasts catch up and surpass the analytics of those other forms. 

6. 2022 will be the year of podcast exclusives

In 2021 we saw some of the top podcasts being acquired by companies such as Spotify and Amazon. For example, The Joe Rogan Experience and Dax Shepards’ Armchair Expert are now Spotify exclusives. In 2022, we think this trend will continue as companies look to shore up their catalog of shows. 

7. Don’t forget about Apple

Apple announced its subscription platform in 2021, but we have not seen the Apple exclusives and acquisitions like that of Spotify and Amazon. We think this will change in 2022. Look at how Apple TV has steadily built up its own roster of exclusive content, while also establishing Apple Fitness and taking on companies such as Peloton and Mirror head-on. We predict that Apple will release a very competitive catalog of exclusive podcasts in 2022. 

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