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Unraveling the Return on Investment (ROI) of Branded Podcasts: Insights from GrodMedia

In the dynamic digital landscape, brands are always exploring innovative ways to connect with their audience. At GrodMedia, we’re at the forefront of one such exciting avenue – branded podcasts. As businesses consider this unique communication form, they often wonder about the return on investment (ROI). Let’s explore how branded podcasts yield significant ROI through

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Why Companies Need a Professional Podcast

Every day, more and more businesses are launching podcasts as a powerful way to reach their customers. Podcasts provide an opportunity to connect with your audience, personalize your brand and grow your business. If you have a business, here are a few reasons why you should start a podcast. Podcasts build your brand With an

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2022 Podcast Outlook

2021 was an amazing year for the world of podcasting! In 2021, podcast listeners increased by almost 5% in the United States alone. What does 2022 hold for the podcast landscape? The team at GrodMedia breaks down the most likely scenarios set to transform the podcast landscape in the year ahead. 1. Podcast marketing will

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The Superpower of Built-in Audiences for Brands and Universities

How is it that certain podcasts are able to launch to the top of the charts and attract a large and loyal fanbase while others seemed destined for mediocrity? What is this classified top secret information that acts as rocket fuel for those who have it and lead boots for those who don’t? This blog

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How Universities are Harnessing the Power of Podcasts

In today’s world, technology is ubiquitous. It affects all aspects of our lives from the way we work to the way we learn. In particular, podcasting has been a revolutionary force in higher education as it provides an alternative tool for potential students to decide which school they want to attend. Podcasts such as UCLA

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Covid and Podcasts

The pandemic has disrupted how we go about our lives. The 26-minute commute and the hour at the gym when we traditionally listened to podcasts are gone. Replaced with time at home looking to better our lives or escape reality – two fundamental jobs people turn to podcasts for. According to Chartable’s data, downloads and listens

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