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MBAs and Startups

Is an MBA helpful in starting a business or going to work for a startup? Hear from the co-founder of the disruptive flower company The Bouqs on what disruption really means. Also, the tactics a current student uses to get an internship and a job.

Featuring: John Tabis, Co-Founder and CEO, The Bouqs

UCLA Anderson Podcast

Chasing your Dream Job

Getting your dream job is at the core of the business school experience. In this episode we explore what it’s actually like once you achieve your dream and the risks that you have to accept along the path.

Featuring: Rosie O’Neill, Co-Founder, Sugarfina

UCLA Anderson Podcast

Sustainability and Relationship Management

Hannah Debelius—Science, Technology and Policy Fellow in the Building Technologies Office at the Department of Energy—tells us about merging her passion for sustainability with her skill set of building relationships, her work helping American University achieve carbon neutrality, and the creative solutions achievable through sustainability.

Being Well-Rounded for a Career in Sustainability

Nicole Condon—Senior Commercial Manager for the Marine Stewardship Council—always had a deep love for the ocean, and after getting a degree in marine biology, she realized something was missing in her career. Seeing all the jobs she was interested in required a business degree, she enrolled at Kogod to learn how to speak about science policy, and the impact it’s having on the business world.

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