Why Schools Need a Professional Podcast

Every day, more and more businesses are launching podcasts as a powerful way to reach their customers. Podcasts provide an opportunity to connect with your audience, personalize your brand and grow your business. If you have a business, here are a few reasons why you should start a podcast.

Podcasts build your brand

With an estimated 169 million listeners in the U.S. a podcast has a huge opportunity in terms of reaching new customers. Also, a podcast is an owned-channel where you can control your brand’s message and position your business in the most strategic light. When listeners subscribe to your podcast, they are opting in to hearing from you. By creating a podcast, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and stay at the top of consumers’ minds, building a level of brand affinity that is unmatched.

Podcast listeners are 🔥

An audio story produces an intimate experience with the listener and provides a rare opportunity to develop a direct relationship with a highly sought-after audience. Podcast listeners are:

Podcast are intimate

Audio is a personal medium. By speaking directly into the ears of your customers, you’re communicating with them in a powerful and intimate way. Unlike traditional marketing channels which tend to be carefully curated, podcasts can feel more casual and conversational. Even if your podcast follows a script, your voice adds a human element to your business and gives listeners an authentic feel for the personality of your brand.

Podcasts are also infused with everyday life. Since podcasts are perfectly suited for mobile consumption, people listen to shows anywhere and everywhere. During the morning commute to the home office, doing the dishes or drifting off to sleep. A podcast is a chance to create an intimate connection and reach your audience in new and more personal settings, while also solidifying your brand into customers’ lives.

Podcasts build authority

Your podcast is a platform to speak about your industry and the unique knowledge and passion your bring to your business. Starting a podcast will establish yourself as an expert in your field and attract new customers.

Why MBA is a podcast from UCLA Anderson. In the show, notable alumni alongside current students share stories from their business school experience. Highlighting the ups and downs of a career journey, the podcast provides a rare glimpse into what business school is actually like. Further, the podcast engages alumni and anchors the program as a leader in the space. Why MBA goes to show that by telling your story and tapping into your expertise, you can not only give customers an entertaining entry point to discover your business, you can also establish yourself as an authority and build valuable trust for your brand.

Podcasts go deep

Most marketing channels are an influx of information where brands compete against each other with bursts of short-form content. Podcasts on the other hand, are a change to produce long-form content that gets a deeper message across. Podcasts aren’t constrained by time limits or character counts. They are a chane to showace your expertise and dig further into the story of your brand in a way that other formats can’t accommodate. Give listeners a behind the scenes look into an upcoming launch or tell them the intricate details of a particular product.

Podcasts create community

Most fans of podcasts are not casual listeners. Of those who start a podcast, 80% listen to all or most of it. That means podcast listeners will devote a lot more time listening to your voice in a podcast than they will reading your words on a website or watching a video. This dedication creates a community for your brand that you can cultivate into customers.

In this uncertain environment, now is the time to create content that cuts through the noise and drives action. Get in touch with us to learn how a podcast can bring a burst of energy to your

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